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It's the disease.

These brain diseases are often described as being invisible because the person can look the same on the outside.

A person with dementia symptoms might...

repeat themselves
forget your name
forget recent events
say something unexpected
ask questions again and again
act differently, or ‘oddly’
get lost in a familiar area

There are over 100 different diseases that can affect the connections inside our brains, which cause dementia symptoms to appear.

Not done on purpose

It’s not the person’s fault when these disconnects occur inside the brain. It’s not something they can control (it’s the disease.) These disconnects cause changes in the way a person thinks, speaks, feels or acts.

If you’re feeling frustrated, remember this. It’s not because they are...

  • ‘not trying hard enough’’ (to do the right things)

  • ‘being lazy’

  • ‘trying to be difficult’ or ‘get under your skin’

  • ‘caused this’ disease to happen

  • ‘didn’t take care of themselves or their health’

  • ‘just getting old’

  • ‘trying to hurt’ you or others

It’s up to us to change our approach

Not all people living with dementia can express themselves they way they’d like to. If they could, they might say, “It’s still me in here.” You can empower yourself and learn how to

  • Communicate better

  • Respond and relate better

  • Refocus the person

  • Bring out their strengths

  • Spend quality time together

  • Focus on what really matters

Because it’s unfair to expect them to make those same changes. You can do this.