Meet Ray

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Known for his smooth moves on the dance floor, Ray can also fly planes

Ray still inspires us each day. Even though he’s living with dementia, Ray has two university degrees, earned his pilot’s license, worked as a guidance counsellor and started his own tutoring business. He grew up on a farm and learned the value of hard work early... having to help milk the cows before heading to school.

He learned to fly planes and became passionate about flying regularly.

Ray has a true love for hockey, and never misses watching a game. He often cheers for the Calgary Flames. Ray enjoys watching hockey alongside his neighbours.

Ray can’t sit still when his favourite songs come on. He loves to dance. It’s how he and his wife Carol met way back when... (they met at a sock hop). “Ray loves to dance and he’s always happy when he’s dancing,” says his adoring wife, Carol. "He loves the 60’s music, like Elvis Presley Buddy Holly, the fast ones." She's careful to point out, “No polkas!”

Ray loves reading the paper, even if he’s read it before.

And together, they still love going for coffee, out for dinner, or having friends over. They see the kids and the grandkids, and look forward to those visits too.

At home, Ray’s favourite TV shows are comedies like Big Bang Theory, Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, and Seinfeld. Clearly, Ray loves to laugh, cheer people on, and is light on his feet.

When asked what she wishes more people knew about dementia, Carol shares:

“If I could tell people anything, it’s that Ray is still Ray. He’s still that same person. Even though he can’t remember some things, and he may ask the same question a few times, you can still talk to him. He has lots of experience to share, and such interesting stories.  He’s a very calm, kind person. We could all use a little of Ray’s energy and inspiration.”

One of their favourite things, besides dancing, is telling jokes. “I read jokes to Ray. We listen to a podcast on Dad’s Jokes, and it really makes us both laugh.”

Carol adds, “I love him dearly, and he tells me he loves me too. Everyday. He says, I’m lucky to have you, Carol. And I know I’m lucky to have him, too.”

Photos showcase just some of Ray's great moments, including birthday celebrations, travelling to Venice, taking flight, dancing with his wife Carol, and wearing his favourite Flames jersey.