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Peter Maher uses his voice for change

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If you’re a hockey fan, you’ve probably heard Peter Maher's voice.

You might've grown up listening to him on the radio. Or recall the time he lost his cool when the Flames won the Stanley Cup.

Now recognized in the Hockey Hall of Fame, Peter broadcasted every Flames game for 33 years. He's known for his catchphrase, "Yeah Baby!" and "You can put it in the win column" after every Flames win.

Look up next time you're in the Saddledome.

You'll see the Peter Maher broadcast booth.

While he's retired from broadcasting , Peter's voice still packs a powerful punch. He's an advocate for everyone who's been impacted by dementia, and bravely tells his own personal story.

Peter's mother, who inspired his career, lived with Alzheimer's disease.

"When I was growing up, playing street hockey in the backyard, I was always doing play-by-plays. It was my mom who said to me, “You're going to be a hockey broadcaster. If it wasn't for her, I don't know if I would have become the broadcaster I was."

Watch Peter's story about his mother.

Peter provided support from across the country.

While he was working around the clock in Calgary, Peter's dad was caring for his mom in Campbelltown, New Brunswick.

Peter writes, "If you're reading this, you probably understand the emotional heartbreak of watching someone you love slip away. When my dad started noticing that my mom repeated stories or had trouble remembering where she had left things, he didn’t want to worry us . So he kept most of this to himself.

He knew she was proud and wished to maintain her dignity. And he didn’t know where to turn for help. So they struggled in silence.

At first the signs my dad saw were subtle. But gradually they became more noticeable. She would forget to turn the stove off or leave the bath water running.

I lived across the country, so it was on a trip to visit them that I first witnessed the challenges firsthand. I watched my mom’s frustration grow as she struggled to communicate, her eyes moistening with tears. She simply couldn’t find the words. It was like she was trapped in her own mind."

He speaks up about the StillMe social movement.

"Join the StillMe social movement for change. Subscribe to get the latest news and updates, and learn how even little things you do can make a huge impact in your community.

I hope you know that you don't have to do it alone."

Peter wants to see you at the Walk and Run this year.

Each year, he counts down the clock and kicks off the big day with a resounding "Yeahhhhh Baby!" Don't miss it. Come join us!

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Peter Maher,

Proud Volunteer & Supporter, Alzheimer Society of Calgary

Honorary Chairperson, Alzheimer Calgary Walk and Run

Hockey Hall of Famer