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Jim's Journey

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Marathoner, math teacher, motivator

Jim was chosen to carry the Olympic torch for the 2010 Vancouver Games. 

“I think I was born to run.” 

Jim’s sheer drive motivates us to be better in every way. One day, when he felt he wasn’t in the best shape, he decided to start running a mile a day. A whopping 14 marathons later (including the world-renowned Boston), Jim had run enough distance to circumnavigate the globe.

Jim is also passionate about music (he sang for a local quartet) and sports (no one bleeds more Saskatchewan Roughriders green than he does). He grew up skiing, playing hockey, and he absolutely loves golf.

Born in trail B.C, Jim didn’t always know what he wanted to do in life. That all changed in high school when he was inspired by his math teacher. His teacher saw something in Jim and encouraged him to teach, and he never looked back. After university he became a math teacher and he describes it as “the greatest job on the planet.”

There's a great video story of Jim's great moments here.

His advice is, “If you’re doing something and you don’t like it, don’t do it! Life is too short.”

Photos showcase Jim with the Vancouver Olympic torch, his artwork at the Club 36 Adult Day Program, and Jim and his dazzling wife Georgia attending an event.