Connect with Others

Have you found your people? (Real, live people who truly get what you’re going through)

Meet more people who understand. Here are just a few places to begin.

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An older man smiling in front of a yellow background
Have fun @ Walk & Run

Be part of the 1,000+ on Thanksgiving Sunday. Celebrate your resilience, being active, and living in the moment, no matter what. Nespresso included

Participants dressed in red
Find your Peers

A local, active, growing Facebook group. Who knows what you’ll find, from spa services that come to you, to great ideas, activities and support.

Meet Up

Free pop-up socials can give you a lift. If you’re affected in any way (by any kind of dementia), Conversation Cafes are open for you.

Confidential Chat

Vent or problem solve with a friend. These are real people with big knowledge to help guide you. Cost-free. Meet the Dementia Support Navigators.