Book ideas to help children understand dementia

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If you have young kids, it can be tough to explain symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, particularly if you’re struggling to understand it yourself.

A simple explanation is best. There are also great books, videos and podcasts available out there. A few book suggestions are included below - perhaps one of these ideas might work for you.*

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Grandma, It’s Me! by YY Chan

An uplifting story about a girl finding ways to help her grandmother, who may have dementia. Encourages young readers to support and care for the elderly with love, patience and understanding. This book also encourages journaling as a way to process emotions in order to become resilient to face life’s many challenges. Explore more

Still My Grandma by Veronique Van Den Abeele

This book tackles the subject of dementia in a sensitive and relatable way. It tells the story of a young girl whose grandmother's memory is fading and helps children understand that while their memory may be changing, their love and connection can endure. Explore more

Grandpa Forgets by Suzi Lewis-Barned

A picture book, including positive ways of relating to your loved one. Explore more

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox

This picture book tells the story of a young boy who becomes friends with an elderly woman living in a care home. Described as "A wonderful tale that celebrates both the exuberance of childhood and the dignity of old age." - The Boston Sunday Globe Explore more

Remembering for Both of Us: A Child Learns about Alzheimer’s by Charlotte Wood

A touching story about a child’s first glimpse of Alzheimer’s symptoms, and a reminder that ties of the heart transcend age and illness. Explore more

What’s Happening to Grandpa? by Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver shares a story that inspires, guides, and educates--and encourages readers to open their eyes to the memories and the love that our elderly loved ones have to offer. Explore more

The Memory Box by Mary Bahr

This story follows a young girl who finds a way to connect with her grandfather who is living with Alzheimer's disease. It encourages kids to cherish and celebrate memories, even when their loved ones may not remember them. Explore more

My Book about Brains, Change and Dementia: What is Dementia and What Does it Do? by Lynda Moore

What does dementia do to the brain? What changes might we notice? How might we feel about it and what can help? This book breaks down misconceptions about dementia and speaks directly to young children. It reassures parents of the value of open and honest conversation and offers advice and support in the opening 'Guide for grown ups'. Explore more

Have your own reads or video suggestions to share? Please let us know.

* Please note that the book ideas mentioned in this article are intended as suggestions and are not an endorsement or promotion for any private sales. Our primary intention is to provide potential reading options. We encourage you to explore various sources (Calgary Public Library, local book store) or use these suggestions as a starting point for other online search results.

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